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A Brief History of Sunglasses


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A Brief History of Sunglasses



Sunglasses today are used as the ultimate fashion statement, although this wasn’t

the case in the past. Here is a brief history of sunglasses and how it has shaped modern

culture today, brought to you by Byrogue.

How did Sunglasses come about?

One of the earliest references of sunglasses in were ‘snow goggles’, used by

eskimos to help deal with the harsh sunlight and conditions in the Arctic. These were

often crafted from wood, bone or leather and featured slits for the eyes.

To protect the eyes from glare, the Ancient Chinese created leather sunglasses

glasses using walrus ivory, around the 12th century. Chinese judges would also

wear these in the Courts of China to hide their facial expressions when interrogating


Another early reference to sunglasses dates back to Roman times, where Roman

Emperors were recorded to having worn sunglasses while watch gladiator fights. The

glasses were uses to magnify and distort their view for entertainment purposes as

they watched the savage displays in the Colosseum’s.

15 th Century Sunglasses

Fast forward 15th century Italy and the art of sunglasses were taken to a new level.

Glasses were often tinted green or blue to create a greater contrast for people who

had visual impairments or faded vision. In the 1750’s English spectacle

maker James Ayscough began making double hinged spectacles with tinted glasses.

1960s Sunglasses Styles

With the 1960’s came a revolution in fashion and culture. With Vespa scooters and

Fred Perry shirts, came Ray-Ban shades and the 1960’s sunglasses look

Jackie Onassis infamously made the round oversize shades so popular that Ray Ban

even created a pair to name after her which are still sold today. Byrogue’s ballet pink

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Best Modern Style Sunglasses

The sunglasses of today come in so many different shapes, materials, colours and

styles and are crafted with the best technology money can buy.

If you are after a pair of sunglasses that suit all face shapes, check out the Butler

winter white sunglasses.