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We all know that when it comes to fashion, history tends to repeat itself, each time bringing a slight twist. All it takes is a few influential muses to remind us of a trend we’d long forgotten and we’re sold! The latest trend to resurface - Drop waist peplum dresses. Think The Great Gatsby but less costumey.  This trend is an interesting one because it challenges the concept of the ‘in at the waist, out at the hips’ silhouette that many dress styles seem to adhere to, including the conventional peplum and yet its still extremely (if not even more) flattering on women of all shapes. This style of dress can seem like a tricky one to pull of but if anything, this dress requires minimal accessorizing or layering and so can pretty much be worn with any heel, boot or sandal. An ‘effortless’ looking outfit that, for once, actually requires little to no effort.

Here’s some of the ways you can rock this trend:



Staying true to the flapper girl era that inspired this trend, sporting a glamorous embellished number is a sure fire way to turn heads at any formal event.


We absolutely love how effortlessly chic this outfit looks. Wearing her own collection, Victoria Beckham pairs her oversized drop waist number with a pair of simple ankle boots and shades.

Bold and Bright

Bold colours are a great way to make a simple outfit pop, but with the silhouette of the drop waist dresses, the look goes from ‘pretty’ to super stylish.


Still want the world to know you have a waist? Not all drop waist dresses have to be loose. As stylish as they are, opting for a more snug fit gives you the sexiness of a body con with almost as much freedom to move as a skater skirt.


Lastly, we absolutely love the versatility of this trend. Although most of the celebrities/ bloggers/ fashionistas are seen dressing this trend up or sporting their everyday heels, we know that practically we don’t all wear 5inch heels to go shopping but thankfully this trend is just as lovely when dressed down. Here are some loose cotton alternatives from Topshop that can be worn casually with a pair of flats.