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Ever so often there comes a trend that makes us all sigh a breath of relief, a trend that is not only easy and affordable but also comfortable – A word that isn’t always on the top of the list when it comes to trend requirements.

This Spring/Summer that trend is the Birkenstock or Birkenstock inspired sandals. The shoe has had a modern makeover and can now be worn with an outfit to give that ‘underdressed but still cool’ appeal. In fact, the Birkenstock is no longer just a brand name but a style of its own. With its squishy cork foot bed, roomy toe box, and thick buckled straps, its no wonder the sturdy, sensible soled sandal has been re-welcomed with open arms. They may have been around fo rover 200 years but just like most other comfortabe footwear (Adidas, New balance) they always seem to be doing rounds as people tend to latch on the the trends that don’t require them to sacrifice.

What’s great about this sandal is that it can be paired with anything from shorts to skirts to jeans and even suits. There are a number of black pairs to be worn if you like a minimal look but designers and high street brands are going all out, creating metallic versions, patent and fur lined varieties, leopard print and even platform sandals. There is literally a birkenstock for every look and occasaion making it difficult to go wrong with this trend.

Here’s some of our current favourites:

Givenchy Barka Leather Sandals from My-Theresa.com

Givenchy Floral Print Double-Buckle Sandal from Barneys


Lanvin Holographic woven leather sandals from net-a-porter.com


Adora Fur-Lined Sandal from SamEdelman.com