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From Miroslava Duma to Ulyana Sergeenko, we’ve become pretty familiar with the ‘it’ girls on the fashion scene so it’s always exciting to have a new closet envy to run to for some style inspiration.

Fashion Editor of Wonderland magazine, Julia Sarr-Jamois, has popped up on everyone’s radar. We’re not sure whether it’s her near-perfect fro or her envious array of effortless outfits but the half Senegalese/ half French beauty has been popping up at every event and on every style blog.

We love the way she mixes prints but manages to look toned down at the same time, never over the top but just enough to stand out. She isn’t afraid of colour but she also isn’t attached to it, sometimes keeping it neutral toned, other times bold and sometimes all black.

Julia explains how she rarely thinks too long about what to wear as she’s always late and has five minutes to get ready. This does come across in her looks that often look like they’ve been effortlessly thrown together, however, as we know this isn’t usually the case with ‘effortless’ fashion but Jamois just goes to prove that some people simply have that natural fashion gene. We’re sure it also helps that the ex-model Londoner has a beautiful face and gorgeous long legs to match. She rarely wears makeup as she feels her hair and clothes are decoration enough and we agree!

It’s refreshing to see a style icon that isn’t constantly photographed in heels and garments that look too expensive for us to dream of owning or even replicate. Julia is often spotted in a funky pair of trainers and although she does seem to love a bit of designer (who doesn’t) her style is approachable and always provides constant visual inspiration in every sense of the word. Get used to her face, because we reckon Julia Sarr-Jamois is going to be around for a very long time.

Here are some of our favourite looks from the beautiful and talented fashionista:

We Love how she vamped this all black ensemble with pops of colour!

Making baggy clothes look sexy. And we love that foxtail keychain!

Julia isn’t afraid to pair unconventional pieces together and she makes it work every time.

We love the floral print and the fit of the shirt over the dress.

Still managing to stand out in all black. Classy and chic

There’s so much going on in this outfit yet she manages to make it look effortless and casual.

We absolutely love the mix of prints. This look could have easily not worked but Julia’s confidence pulled it off!