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Once upon a time, sunglasses served two purposes and two purposes only; 1.To shield our eyes from the scorching sun (often outside of the UK) and 2.To shield celebrities from the flashes of paparazzi and the scorn of an off-guard photograph in a magazine. Anyone else wearing them in under 20 degrees or indoors was dubbed as a diva or arrogant looking or even a celleb-wannabe.

But gone are the days of feeling self-conscious for wearing shades in autumn or simply buying them for protective purposes. Now sunglasses are as common an accessory as watches and with just as many, if not more, variations people everywhere are confidently rocking a pair everywhere they go.

It’s impossible to walk through the ever-busy oxford street or cool streets of Shoreditch without seeing a multitude of people with their sunglasses shielding their eyes, holding back their hair or clipped to their shirt.

With all the different shapes and sizes, from classic wayfarers and aviators to bono inspired round glasses and sexy cat eyes, there’s a shape for every style, every occasion and every face shape so there’s room for everyone to embrace their inner diva.

Here are a few street style snaps to inspire you if you haven’t already joined in.