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Pay-as-you-go Café?

Ziferblat, Shoreditch

In a city where it’s not uncommon to see people spending hours working and studying in coffee shops after having bought just one small latté, perhaps Ivan Mitin’s new concept is the way to go. Ziferblat is the UK’s first pay-per-minute café where food and beverages are free and customers only pay for the time spent there. Customers can even bring their own food and beverages. For only 3p a minute it seems too good to be true but the quirky coffee shop receives generous donations from satisfied customers. The chain has been a success in Russia and seems to be proving popular over here too. It has received amazing reviews and Time Out has called it "a contender for best opening of the year". The décor also stays true to the Shoreditch vibe with Vintage and mismatched furniture and second hand décor. Despite having staff on board, customers are also encouraged to make their own drinks in the kitchen and wash up after themselves.

Customers pick up a clock on arrival


Founder/Owner of Ziberblat, Ivan Mitin


What do you think?

Is this something you’d opt for over our beloved Pret and Starbucks? Will it catch on or is it just a hipster fad that will eventually lose its hype?