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Right now she is more interested in men's fashions than with women's fashion, and in just a few seasons managed to make the shirt with “elbow length” sleeves her signature garment. Ana Hernandez is the creator behind the brand Hernández Cornet, founded in 2008 and has since slowly and consistently worked on building a platform and creating a language of its own.

In her A/W 2014 collection Ana Hernández explores the contrast between the controlled and the released by making a fashion interpretation of P-funk. The collection is called “Under The Influence” and according to Ana, is inspired by the entire musical movements and aesthetic expression. Space funk, is a combination of strong colours meets the more elegant, neat and minimalistic approach. It’s truly an interesting tension between the opposites, but the result is always poised and balanced.

In her relatively small collection, it is about a silhouette that is slim but not tight, pants that are comfortably flared and where colours can be matched mercilessly. Printed t-shirts and dresses captures the theme: "under the influence" . Ana loves working with contrasts and it can also be seen in the fabrics that ranges from leather, silk blends, and technical lycra, to shiny chiffon and stiff cotton.

 Ana describes in an interview that since the start, the brand has developed and moved into a stronger expression and design vision. Her goal is to keep that and continue to grow and broaden the brand, which we are looking forward to! Byoruge loves Ana’s funkadelic design as well as the strict brocade costumes in blue and gold.