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Meet Joshua Kissi and Travis Gumbs, the faces and voices behind one of the most popular mens’ lifestyle websites Street Etiquette. They’ve come a long way since they began in 2008 but one thing that has remained a constant is their impeccable style. Not only is it impeccable due to the obvious aesthetic appeal, but Joshua and Travis’ respect for the historical and cultural aspect of what they wear and how they wear it is what stands them out from the pleather of stylish creative out there.

“It’s the mise-en-scène, the whole package,” said Monica Miller, a Barnard English professor and the author of “Slaves to Fashion: Black Dandyism and the Styling of Black Diasporic Identity.” “It’s not just the clothes. It’s the body that’s wearing the clothing and the disposition of the body, how the body inhabits the clothes. It’s asking the viewer to construct a narrative about that black male body.”

The reception they have received is fitting to the obvious work ethic combined with natural flair and passion that goes into their work. Having been featured in GQ, the New York Times and Vogue Italia among other accolades, it’s difficult not to see Street Etiquette mentioned among any list of men’s’ style blogs to follow.

Street Etiquette, however, has now become much more than a blog with services such as brand consultation, photography/visuals, trend analysis and styling being offered by the pair – and that’s just the services that can be titled. Mr. Kissi and Mr. Gumbs are often seen working on projects or collaborating with other creatives to bring us interesting reads and watches such as their Travel Etiquette series where we are able to follow them on their travels and experience countries with greater emphasis on realism than tourism.

Their heritage seems to play a strong part in what they do. With Joshua’s parents hailing from Ghana and Travis having come from St Kitts, the pair place a huge cultural emphasis on their work. In an episode of “The Way I Dress” by Mr Porter, Joshua explained how he was greatly influenced by his West African parents “Seeing how they used to dress so elegantly just to go to these events, that’s the first time I saw colour in the way people express themselves and linking clothing to emotion”.

The pair are part of an emerging collective of men referred to by the New York Times as “The New Dandies” who’s popularity seems to be redefining the view of young men living in urban America. A friend of Joshua and Travis and founder of the Brooklyn Circus, a retro-urban fashion boutique and label, Ouigi Theodore said “My dream is to see guys hanging on the corner in suits.” And this seems as if it could be the direction things are heading in as young men are becoming bolder and more aware of fashion due to the accessibility of inspiration online compared to in the past.

We’re very excited to see what Street Etiquette and their peers will do in the near future as the recognition and appreciation for their work continues to grow.

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