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Fearless photographer, Spencer Tunick, is known for his incredible installations featuring nude volunteers. The New York based photographer was arrested five times in his home state whilst attempting to work outdoors when his career began in 1992. He has since taken his work elsewhere and as his popularity grew, his installations grew too, growing from a handful of volunteers, to hundreds, to thousands, to cities in the UK competing to have Tunick create art in their hometown.

His work is described as something that ‘explores and expands the social, political and legal issues surrounding art in the public sphere.’ His philosophy is that "individuals en masse, without their clothing, grouped together, metamorphose into a new shape." The thousands of volunteers grouped together create an aesthetic from afar that looks like a painting with a multitude of nude tones. The locations of the installations also add to the appeal of the work for example Icelandic glaciers and grand central station. The time and effort that goes into each installation – both from Spencer himself and from the volunteers – is very apparent.

Naked volunteers lie on Aletsch glacier, posing for photographer Spencer Tunick as part of an environmental campaign about global warming, on August 18, 2007.


Naked volunteers, numbering around 1700 people, pose for U.S. artist Spencer Tunick in downtown Munich, on June 23, 2012.


Naked volunteers pose for Spencer Tunick in front of the Sydney Opera House, on March 1, 2010. Organizers estimated 5,200 people posed for the early morning nude photo installation titled "Mardi Gras: The Base".


Whilst his work may seem controversial to some, many people, whether they be art lovers, naturists or none of the above, see his installations as liberating both socially and as a piece of art.