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#ByrogueLoves SOLANGE!


#ByrogueLoves SOLANGE!

Whilst she was once known as the little sister of Beyonce, Solange Knowles has shaken that label and is fast making a name for herself. Now a style icon that perhaps even the queen of R&B takes tips from once in a while. As if her style alone isn’t enough of a reason to love her, Solange is also a DJ, musician, songwriter and model.

There are so many things to love about this bold beauty. Her skills as a DJ and all of those amazing songs she wrote for her sister: Beyonce, and her ex-band mates: Destiny’s Child. Her bold, confident and trendsetting style, along with her ever-changing fros, braids and twist are a few of the many things as to why we love Solange. Take your pick!

Solange’s style took a turn for the better in 2009 when she ditched the extensions and chopped off her locks. Since then we’ve seen her rock the boldest ensembles to match her now big and bold fro. She’s not afraid of colour, often mixing the most contrasting prints that leave us wishing we’d thought of that! Her evolution of style has landed her in all the style blogs and magazines as she makes a name for herself as a true style icon.

Solange’s music also speaks volumes about her personality, ranging from soothing neo-soul to upbeat pop tracks, Knowles’ music is as diverse as her style. With hits such as T.O.N.Y and, I Decided  her cultivating sound sets her apart from other artists. Her most recent music video, for her hit song, Losing You, showed just how cool and creative Solange is as she took off to South Africa and filmed with a band of friends and sapeurs.