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#ByrogueLoves MAX MARSHALL


#ByrogueLoves MAX MARSHALL

This Baltimore born beauty will give you major talent envy when you hear of her accomplishments and skills at the young age of 21. As if moving to East London alone when she was just 18 isn’t impressive enough, Max Marshall has become a successful singer, songwriter and fashion design graduate. The multi-talented artist does her own hair, makeup, nails, designing, produces music and can play the violin, viola, base, guitar and cello to name a few. Marshall has done a lot in her youth, including designing wigs for Lady Gaga whilst working for French couture designer Charlie Le Mindu, and making bespoke, 1940’s-inspired clothes for men and women. She is now focused mostly on music although she continues designing.

Max describes her music as a smoothie of genres, colouring outside the box and that’s exactly what it is. Not confined to one genre her sound can range from anything; pop, r&b, rock, soul there’s no telling what she’ll come out with next but its sure to be pleasing to the ear. Her voice has been compared to the likes of Lauren Hill, Erykah Badu and Jill Scott who are all artists that Max says influenced her greatly growing up. Being exposed to great talents such as Earth, Wind and Fire at a young age on her father’s tour bus also inspired her decision to pursue music as a career, which happened at the age of 14.

On July 12, 2013 Max Marshall released her debut single "Don't Trip", an easy listening sound with strong yet beautiful vocals to match. She then released her first EP “Pressure” in October the same year. In December she featured on the very successful single “Control” by Matrix & Futurebond with brought more of a club/house vibe. It seems wherever she focuses her creative attention she always produces something worth listening to. We especially like Max’s mixtape “Forgive Me” which consists of four track that are amazing lyrically, vocally and production wise. Her track “Neva believe” amazes listeners with its mashup of Rihanna’s “Diamonds” and Frank Ocean’s “Novacane” over an instrumental of the classic “doin’ it” by Ll Cool J.

Max Marshall fits in the London scene so perfectly; you wouldn’t guess that she’s only been here for four years. From her urban yet feminine street style to her soulful vibes, she oozes coolness and independence. You can check out more of Max’s music here