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- where fashion and furnishings come together so seamlessly

Birds, flowers and palm leaves are just some of the signature patterns in House of Hackney’s interior collections as well as clothing range. Their quality British design is spelled nature and wildlife the whole way, and this in a bold, playful and modern twist. Founded by creative husband and wife duo, Javvy M Royle and Frieda Gormley, House of Hackney originated as a homeware label on a quest to “take the beige out of interiors”, whichthey have undoubtedly succeed with.  Today they have really come full circle with the brand, also producing several fully fledged clothing collections, which some are made in collaboration with brands like Puma and Asos.

In 2013 House of Hackney opened their first flag ship store in the heart of Shoreditch, which may be one of the most gorgeous retail establishments in London in a long time.  You don’t even need to walk inside the store to feel the vibe of their exotic concept - outside the entrance you will be greeted by special HoH flower selections that has been beautifully arranged by luxurious florist Wild at Heart.

When you step inside the doors you will be surrounded by even more flora, now in shape of Dalston Rose wallpapers, palm prints and much more. The design of the space is quite stunning, to not say spacious – it measures 2000sq feet in ground floor and basement.  In here you will find all House of Hackney’s gorgeous print collections - upstairs represented in lovely little teapots, fabrics, rolls of wallpaper and fashion. We at Byrogue especially love their high sole creeper’s that are made in collaboration with Undeground shoes.  If you glide downstairs you will find furniture in all its forms and colours. Just like their bold and grandiose prints, House of Hackney's store rebels against the general preference for whitewashed woody-hued minimalism that actually cut above the sometimes rough and hipster tumble of the area. Just make sure to stop by House of Hackney if you are in London and don’t want to miss something extraordinary.