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#ByrogueLoves FKA TWIGS


#ByrogueLoves FKA TWIGS

Meet the artist dubbed “The Weekend’s little sister”, “the trip hop Sade”, “R&Björk” and even a “galactic alien”. Her style is as different as her music and she, without a doubt, stands out from the norm with her unusual concepts and sound that is beyond casual categorization. With her doll-like features, her ethereal body movements, her moody yet soothing vocals and her personality that’ as chill as can be, there’s so much to love about the industry’s new fashionable darling.

FKA twigs is an artist and dancer originally from Gloucestershire living in London. She first caught the eye of the fashion scene when she was featured on the cover of i-D magazine with her baby hair’s spelling the word ‘love’ across her forehead. It was clear straight away that twigs was more than a fashion follower or gimmick. There was something different about her style and it was clear that it came from within, that she had been this way all her life. “I’ve always done really weird things.

“Everybody was like, ‘Why do you do ballet?’, and, ‘Why do you wanna sing opera?’, and ‘Why are you singing jazz with 80-year-olds? Why do you wanna do those things?!’". Being raised by her part Spanish mother who was a Latin dance specialist and a father who rarely listened to the mainstream bands of the time her love for the less commercialized art forms and sounds developed at a young age. Having been hypnotized by the rhythms, clothes and moves in the Latin clubs that her mum would often sneak her into, and inspired by the jazz, ska and African infusion that played at home, FKA twig’s sound and style is representative of the mish mash of seeds planted during her childhood.

FKA twigs is much more than a beautiful face and voice, she’s always the brainchild behind everything she does, part directing her own videos writing and producing her own songs. “I always add loads of sounds in there, sometimes I'll just put a really high sound that hisses, that you can't even hear, but then if you take it out, you miss it somehow”. Although twigs claims she isn’t a perfectionist, it’s definitely clear that she likes to have major control over her work and puts extreme thought into every aspect of her career. All of her music videos are truly unique and captivating to match her voice, all in all creating art that seems like something from a different planet. From the dark and sultry ‘Papi Pacify’ to the hypnotizing but almost disturbing ‘Water Me’, her songs and videos have deep meanings that FKA twigs admits she doesn’t like to explain in depth as she prefers her listeners to take from it whatever they feel. Whatever the true meaning, unafraid of genres, her sound and visuals push normal boundaries to create something that fascinates and always captivates anyone who encounters her work.

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