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With a unique imagery and expressions that set new standards, and the ability to both predict and set trends is 24 year old Fanny Lyckman, one of Sweden's most promising fashion icons. Vogue has been writing about her and she inspires fashionistas all over the world with her raw cool style. She runs one of Sweden’s biggest fashion blogs and has just published a second collection for Nelly.com.

Her talent and sense of fashion comes naturally and can easily be proven in her first assignment as a designer, when she got a cocky unswedish collection to generate impressive sales results. Her second collection that was launched for the Swedish design brand Estradeur, came in the same spirit but with an even more bold and futuristic touch.

Her collections tend to be very street-inspired and she describes her style as trendy, cocky and personal with a creative twist. With her long blonde hair and long nails she matches the sporty with the classic along with daring jewellery. A typical “Fanny outfit” would be platform shoes, sweatshirt and high waist shorts or pants. To freshen up a worn look Fanny’s best advice is to go for some new accessories.

Fanny barely rights anything in her blog, instead she let her stunning photos speak, and believe it or not - the person behind the camera is her boyfriend Alexander.  “We have grown together and created our own imagery and I cannot see anyone shoot me in the way that he does.”

When it comes to fashion icons, she is inspired by people in general. Some of her favourite designers are - Alexander Wang, Proenza Schouler and Balmain.