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AW14 Press Day with Byrogue Girls!

The girls at Byrogue popped along to a few press days yesterday and we had so much fun! We met some incredibly talented designers and got to see some amazing collections – collections ranging from minimalist ready-to-wear to loud colours and outrageous silhouettes. Each event we attended had its own vibe and aesthetic from a large stained glass window and chandeliers at The Sanderson to a quirky roof top deck in Shoreditch, perfect for the beautiful British weather we were lucky to experience!

Check out our video of the day’s events!


Over at the Lewis & Leigh, the collections on show were all impressive. A few of them caught our attention for various reasons.

As soon as we walked in to the beautifully arranged room, our attention was caught by the vibrant collection of the young and talented menswear designer, Clara Martin.  Showcasing her graduate collection with a concept based on childhood innocence, we were impressed with her focus on unconventional shapes and a mix of textures including chunky knits and neoprene. We were even more impressed with her backpacks and couldn’t resist the urge to try one on!

The HANGER AW14 collection also caught our attention. We loved the contradicting textures of sleek rubber latex and wool, creating clean, light garments with a modern twist. You could see that each handmade garment was made with care and precision and even more interestingly, each piece can be worn ‘heavily talced’ or ‘highly polished’ as seen in their fashion film creating so much versatility in each piece.

Another collection that caught our attention was the eclectic and vibrant street wear brand, Phiney Pet. We were informed that the AW14 collection was based on the modern woman’s approach to marriage and this was definitely apparent with a fairy liquid printed two-piece and a ‘Housework Sucks!’ graphic tee.

However, the first thing that we saw and fell in love with was the collection of beautifully hand painted shoes and trainers – a perfect way to complete the collection.