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Meet Lix, "the smallest pen that does not require paper."

 Check it out here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=nH0erHqpG6Y 

We’re living in an age that is obsessed with technology, where there’s an iPhone in every hand and a MacBook on every lap. With new gadgets being released every day and technological advancement at the forefront of our media, its no surprise that we stumbled across this amazing gadget. 3D printing pens are now available to the masses, allowing us to literally bring our doodles to life. However, as impressive as these gadgets are, there has been some debate as to whether these can actually be called ‘gadgets’ or whether their bulky size and imprecise delivery leaves them better off labeled as an arts and crafts toy.

Lix, on the other hand, brings a new level of sophistication to this phenomenon of three-dimensional technology. Being not much bigger than your standard ball-point in size and weighing just over an ounce, Lix makes for a much more suitable device for professional creative use.

How does is work?

Lix has a hot-end nozzle that is power supplied from a USB port. The plastic filament ABS/PLA is introduced in the upper extremity of Lix Pen. The filament goes through a patented mechanism while moving through the pen to finally reach the hot-end nozzle, which melts and cools it down. It only takes 30 seconds to heat up before its ready to use.

What can it be used for?

 A 3D pen can have many creative functions beyond just having fun. It could be used to build models that would otherwise take much more time, effort and money to create such as 3D prototypes for architectures, scientists and product designers. It can be used to create innovative fashion garments, to add to jewelry or to create unique home décor. The possibilities are endless.