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Last night in London-Shivu


Sivu – st johns church Bethnal green

I had seen the name more than I had heard the music for months.

Sivu- Bodies is a byrogue fave

I was invited down by parallel lines promoter, a music lover worth trusting.

With open mind and open ears we entered the imposing St Johns church which was a wash with a purple hue over a hushed crowd.

Sivu is a boy named James Page whose soaring high notes land him comfortably underneath James Vincent Mcmorrow and Damien Rice. His writing is bedded in biblical references and loss.

“God Speaks in Tongues” is an instant favourite followed by “Bodies” a song with a great noah hook although Radiohead “Fade Out” kept ringing in my head for hours after, it is a stand out beautiful and expertly crafted song built from truth and full of heart.

Sivu is worth giving up Sunday afternoon to fall in love, especially if you are also a fan of Belle and Sebastian or London Grammar. Hearing those choirkid tones in full force under St Johns roof, I am glad I went.

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