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The Chola Trend


The right of the western entertainment and fashion world to take influence from different ethnic groups and cultures to use them as the next fad is a debate that rolls on and on. Who is allowed? Who isn't? What is PC? Do you know the historical context of the 'look' you are appropriating? The word you are using too? Are you offending anyone? Are you using ethnic models to demonstrate this trend aptly? If not then why? Is this exploitation or celebration?  Are all valid and heavily repeated questions with a plethora of heated answers.

This week I came across three interesting articles discussing this amidst the rise of the Chola trend.

The Folk Feminist Struggle behind the Chola Trend By Barbara Calderon Douglass  via @Vice

The Underlying Issue with that Epic Givenchy Show By Philip Picardi via @Refinery29

Chola Style the latest Cultural Appropriation Fashion Crime? By Julianne Escobedo Shepard via @theguardian


Givenchy Fall 2015 Show