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Style Inspiration : : Frida by Ishiuchi Miyako at Michael Hoppen Gallery


Frida Kahlo, Artist and Icon passed away in 1954.  Her husband and fellow artist Diego Rivera insisted her private possessions be locked away for 15 years after her death although it was not opened until 50 years after in 2004 .   The contentsof theroom in her Blue House have been captured by photographer Ishiuchi Miyako.  The unveiling of the room and the process of identifying her clothes was described in the book: “Self Portrait in a Velvet Dress. The Fashion of Frida Kahlo”. 2008.

The Blue house is now Museo Frida Kahlo. 

The Michael Hoppen Gallery will be exibiting Ishiuchi's photographs as an insight to the artists secret life.   The highly anticipated exhibition will be showing many of Frida's clothes including sunglasses, swimsuits and her traditional Mayan weaved Tehuana dressses- a particular style of weaving feared lost in recent years if it had not been for cooperatives in South America founded to keep the art alive.

Maya Fabric

Fridas Glasses

Frida Kahlos Swimsuit

"As a project Frida is both a departure from Ishiuchi Miyako's normal practice and a natural conceptual progression. While moving away from the Japanese subject matter of her earlier series, the work reveals Ishiuchi Miyako's continued obsession with the traces we leave behind both as individuals and as a society. In her earlier series, Mother's (2000-2005) and ひろしま/ Hiroshima (2007-), she photographed previously worn garments, evoking the lives and memories of the people who wore them as well as the social climate of post-war Japan."

Frida suffered from Polio as a child and also injuries she sustained in an accident.   Ishiuchi has included photographs ofdecorated legcasts once owned by the artist. 

Frida is on display from May 14th - July 12th at the Michael Hoppen Gallery

Check out and support Weaving Cooperatives in South America