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Pearl Diving in Bora Bora


They say diamonds are a girl’s best friend but there’s a gem and an experience that is likely to top an exported diamond bought in a store with little knowledge of where it came from - no matter how expensive. Pearl diving is the perfect romantic excursion for those who love culture, history and adventure.

The Bora pearl Company, situated on the beautiful island of Bora Bora, hosts a farm where visitors can take part in a number of pearl related activities, one being pearl diving. Imagine diving to the bottom of one of the most beautiful turquoise lagoons as the ancient pearl divers of the Tahitian culture did with the hopes of finding your very own one of a kind pearl. It’s a holiday unlike any other, more rewarding than laying on a tourist filled beach for the

Born inside of a black-lipped oyster, the Tahitian pearls are truly unique. Whilst the likelihood of finding a ‘perfect’ pearl is 3 out of 100, the excitement of surfacing with your found oyster and seeing it opened before your very eyes is the true prize and you’ll leave with an unforgettable experience in addition to an unduplicated pearl that you’re sure to cherish regardless of size.

Another additional option available at The Bora Pearl Company is to have a piece of custom made jewellery created in front of you in their workshop. Once you select the design, the mounting and the metals, you’ll watch as the jewelers compose your own piece of Tahitian jewellery to take home.

A visit to The Bora Pearl Company would be much more than a diving experience as the Tahitian family owned farm provides its visitors with a breadth of knowledge and facts surrounding pearls and diving. You’ll leave with a greater appreciation of pearls and the historical and culture attributes attached to them.

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Words By: Adella Cyril