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Guest Blogger - SmoothieGirlCornwall - Why Change The Way You Eat?


 Why Change the Way You Eat?

...The big question.

The processed food you may be eating may indeed taste good yet it’s probably not nourishing you in any way, shape or form. The majority of processed food contains little goodness and is actually robbing you of nutrients and good health, promoting chronic diseases and hindering your body from functioning normally and at its optimum. It’s usually highly addictive and is full of additives, unhealthy fats, salt and processed sugar, meaning after the initial ‘high’, we crash and burn, then crave more to reach the same high. Soon we end up in a viscous cycle which we feel we can’t get out of. But you can. You control your health and your diet so now is the time to make a positive change! And ask yourself; is the taste of something sweet or salty really worth your HEALTH?
Here’s the thing….eating real ‘living’ food-full of vitamins, minerals and nutrients-is not about deprivation but about ABUNDANCE. You can feed yourself amazing, delicious, nutritious food (yes, including cakes and puddings!) which will make your body and mind thrive.

So, are you ready for the change? Where do you start? Firstly, don’t attempt to change everything all at once. By changing your lifestyle slowly, both your body, and more importantly your mind, will adjust and your new, healthier way of living will start to become a habit rather than a chore.


You may have eaten unhealthily for many years and so by making a drastic change, your body will go into ‘detox mode’, which may produce some unpleasant symptoms, such as headaches and digestive upset, which could then make you want to retreat back to unhealthy ways. But pull through this and you will feel like a new person and full of energy, vigour and vitality. Begin to notice and appreciate how well you feel after you eating clean and healthy foods; energized and vital, not sapped and lethargic. Remember, even the small changes add up, so over time you will find you are eating more and more clean food-and thriving from it!

Remember the things you do for your health and wellbeing are holistic; they all work together. Focus on leading a healthy and active life, surround yourself with positive friendships and fulfil any creative desires you may have; all will nourish your soul. Any emotional attachments to food will fall away and you will start to treat it as the beautiful fuel that it is.

Above all, be gentle with yourself. Eating healthily and moving your body more is all about loving and respecting yourself so that you want to feed it the best food possible and then be able to use your body’s amazing natural abilities. Being healthy needn’t spell boredom and doom but rather fun and vitality!


SmoothieGirl Promoting #Wellthness

We drink a lot of smoothies in our household. Rarely a day goes by without us having either a filling breakfast smoothie or a fruity smoothie to re-fuel our bodies later in the day.

Green smoothies are everywhere at the moment and for good reason. They are a great and palatable way of getting greens into you. Just to remind ourselves; why do we need to eat our greens? They are high in antioxidants and also help to promote an alkaline, healthy environment in our body, which can inhibit inflammation and promote good health.


If you’ve never made a green smoothie, they are so simple to make and despite looking like the colour of grass (or sometimes a murky pond) do actually taste delicious! The key is always adding sweet fruit to balance out the bitter taste of greens. A good guide is leafy greens + fruit + liquid base.


Some leafy greens blend better in their raw state than others; spinach, rainbow chard and salad leaves are good examples of this. Kale and cabbage are more hardy greens, so either only add a few leaves (always remove the stalks) or lightly steam the leaves before adding to your smoothie (this will allow them to blend a lot easier.)


Fruit-wise, most people use a ripe banana or two to sweeten a green smoothie; experiment and see what you like best. Sweet fruit like mango and also berries work particularly well. (Don’t forget you can chop and freeze fruit so you always have a supply in the freezer!)


The liquid base could be filtered water, coconut water, nut milk or oat milk. If you find that digestion is an issue for you, you may not want to add nut milk to fruit and greens so just stick to a filtered water base.


Optional extras

To amp up the nutritional content of your smoothie you can add green powders such as barleygrass, spirulina or wheatgrass.


To make your smoothie more filling you could add a protein powder (I recommend hemp, pea or rice protein powder), oatmeal, ground nuts or chia seeds - all of which will make it thicker, creamier and keep you fuller for longer!


Another essential ingredient that I add to nearly everything is vanilla powder. If you like the taste of vanilla then this makes everything taste delicious and sweet; obviously if it’s not your thing then you can forget all about it!


Food is meant to be FUN so go ahead and adapt things to suit your taste and remember, have fun along the way!


Here is a super easy but delicious Green Smoothie Recipe which will turn the most doubtful into green smoothie lovers! Remember, never feel you have to stick to a recipe; with smoothies you really can’t go wrong, so feel free to use whatever ripe fruit and vegetables you have-to-hand at home.



1 large handful of spinach

2 ripe bananas

1 cup coconut water or water

1 tsp vanilla powder


Simply blend on high, pour into a tall glass, drink and enjoy!

Green Smoothie

Don’t forget to always chew your liquids to aid digestion; sounds crazy but try it and your belly will thank you!





Next time…

A super easy but delicious, creamy chocolate pudding recipe - completely gluten, dairy and sugar free!


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