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#ByrogueLoves SUNO DEKO


Listen to Suno Deko and you’ll experience an addictive sound consisting of multi-instrumental loops, cleverly orchestrated to produce an experimental yet poetic vibe.

Birthed in the heart of India in 2009, the project and one-man band was created by David Courtright who, at the time, was working as an archivist and studio assistant for a lauded Indian figurative painter. In 2012, after having returned to his birthplace, Atlanta and after working on various music and poetry projects, David’s focused returned to Suno Deko and we’re so glad it did. Regardless of whether his sound is to your taste, there’s no denying that his talent is commendable. We love the way David builds his sound in front of live audiences from the ground up, always beginning with a rhythmic tune and then layering violins and guitars among other instruments to create a hypnotic head bopper. Topping off with his vocals, Suno Deko has upgraded the image of a one-man band with its unquestionably innovative approach to music as an art form.

His latest four-track EP ‘Thrown Colour’ captures you from start to finish with it relaxing yet potent sound and David’s echoing vocals on top complement the production perfectly. From the evident drum beat of ‘Cinders’ to narrative noise of ‘Deliver’ Suno Deko does just that – deliver every time and we are sure that he’ll continue doing so as such creative individuals always surprise us with new and improved work.

Listen to Suno Deko now on Soundcloud


Words By: Adella Cyril