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Best places for Indie Designers and Artist to live post Brexit PT.1



The post-Brexit environment has created a negative subtext for UK and European indie designers, musicians and artists wanting to live and work in an open and free country. The Brexit vote, with its nativist wickedness, has helped people living in the UK contemplate a life in more open pastures – Europe and other global cities and continents. This article will explore the ‘capital of Europe’, the great city of Berlin.

A Berlin Senator has even called for British creative individuals to come to the city of design and culture. One senator noted, “Britain’s vote to leave the European Union will severely affect your business.” (great call leavers, smart moves.).  However, the senator also articulated a more nuanced reason and that is openness and self-enlightenment from a capital of diversity, of inspiration and or generosity. The red carpet is out. For those brave intrepid artists and designers wanting a new, open and more tolerant space to create, Berlin could be the best choice?

Where to live

The Kreuzberg district in Berlin is the most artistic, democratic and open-minded area of the capital. The mix of academia, artistic and cultural types create a collaborative community of like-minded individuals who together create the right vibes that have turned Kreuzberg into the artistic quarter of Berlin. The property prices are reasonable, in a European context. Furnished studio apartments are available from 750 euros whilst one bed apartments start from the 900 euro level.

Where to eat

For those looking to feed their cravings for artistic and culinary delights can do no worse than head to the East Side Gallery. The restaurant and café is part of a wider installation art experience. The food is cheap, the coffee is good, the company is great and the art is always on display. Get sustenance and inspiration from as little as ten euros.

For vegan or veggie try the wonderful Ryong beautifully creative dishes such as dragon egg where avocado, lemon grass, and soy-“meat” is rolled in a spinach-tempura coat can be found at Torstrasse 59, Mitte, everyday from 12:00.

Where to exhibit

Up and coming designers and artists looking for innovative space with curated and non-curated space available should contact the Isabella Bortolozzi Galerie in Berlin. This innovative and contemporary art space can help either by providing space or using their network of indie galleries to help find the right space for your specific needs.  Berlin Fashion Week is making an international impact just as Berlin fast makes its name as cultural + liberal cool capital.  Innovators and fashion design upsetters are looking to be part of this creative utopia.

Voo Kruezburg is one of my all-time favourite boutiques, stocking a number of jewellery, sunglasses and  accessories heros including Acne Studios and Mykita as well as Sun buddies.  Housed in a former locksmith shop in acourt-yard off of Oranienstrasse, you will find this industrial, warehouse style boutique stocking the best of indie and mainstream designers.

Where to get inspiration

Berlin has a network of creative centres and professional networking. The capital is known for its openness and diversity and this has allowed innovation and creativity in design and art to flourish. The design of buildings, the creative centres with niche experiences surrounding engineering to science along with fashion to video game development, all provide the right context for inspiration. This is further enhanced by the Berlin authorities providing free events and more for those looking for inspiration.

Byrogue’s Berlin based designers to look out for include SADAK – think, sheer tunics with tattoo badge, over-sized camo t-shirts, Mayan and Hawaiian prints and silky burkas- would look most at home on  FKA TWIGS, Zebra Katz or GAIKA.

Indyanna is Voo owners Femmipunk womens wear label is brash and loud also check out DSTM hot BDSM inspired silk and satin dresses, floor length black robes, tassels, sheer wide leg trousers and bodysuits perfect for your “Welcome to Berlin, you are now free” sex party.

I have highlighted how Berlin is cost-effective, provides the right community ethos for designers and artists looking for inspiration and space to create. The availability of experimental restaurants, coffee shops, art events, museums and galleries – from indie to commercial – helps to make Berlin faultless.  The people, the compassionate expressive and open attitude is what will make it the creative hearts home. If you are considering relocating, Berlin could be your perfect European city.  Don't come if you're a bigot. Thanks