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The Brexit bullshit still giving and depressing many of Britain’s diverse art, fashion and design communities. The open, tolerant and diverse attitudes coming in sharp contrast to the nativism and xenophobia of the result. This has forced many to consider relocating for the sake of their own individuality and their artistic creativity. Pack your sunglasses, its time to explore the cultural beauty, aesthetic delight and spiritual inspiration that comes from Tulum, Mexico. 

Mexico is slowly starting to move away from heavy industry-based inward investment and migration in favour of a more creative solution to its own economic needs. The Mexican Government has provided accessible work visas for British and EU citizens looking to relocate. The new VISA will help creative individuals relocate as freelancers and small business owners to Mexico.

Tulum is my dream location, friendly, colourful, huge amounts character, soft sand, clear blue sea, beautiful landscape with plenty of natural wonders to enjoy.  Tulum is diverse and authentic, a world away from the Miami tinged Cancun, it attracts a certain type of creative traveller.  The textiles, colours and embroidery are as inspiring as the tequila.

Where to live?

For those looking for uniqueness and open space, Tulum provides both. The artistic populace, especially those not from moneyed backgrounds, tend live around the Zama district in Tulum. The properties are priced accordingly. US Dollar are accepted by private landlords over the Peso. In US dollar terms, you can rent a studio with pool access for USD$ 550 a month and a full one bedroom beachside hut for USD$ 1,200. There are diverse types of properties to suit individual needs.  We noticed loads of new build apartments to buy, seaside 1 beds for $100, 000 upwards.


Where to eat?

Despite being warned not to, we indulged in plenty of street food, from a couple of cooks with a trolley on the corners serving 3 tacos for 10 pesos to cool food huts on the beach dishing up ceviche  they  caught that morning, all beyond fresh and like nothing I had tasted before.  Those looking for the best tacos fast head to Taqueria el Carboncito, for seafood El Capitan. This isn’t about designer  Michelin-starred food, but about authenticity which tastes much better.

The Papaya Playa Project an incredible beach club and hotel committed to sustainability and are well on the way to achieving their mission of becoming a zero emissions and zero contamination community by 2018.  The food and cold press drinks are as equally committed to clean, served with dramatic sea views, a flash tropical storm over lunch all set in a responsibly constructed resort using 93% of the original jungle,  the experience was unforgettable.


Where to exhibit?

Any artist or designer looking for unique, curated or non-curated space, that can provide the contrasting urban setting with quintessential artistic minimalism should explore the Residencia Gorila a space providing unique creative solutions. The space can be for solo or commercial events and the team can help individuals through the installation and post-installation stages.

Where’s the fashion and style inspiration?

Everywhere.  Art, design and history all interweave throughout Tulum. The mural artistry of the communities in Tulum are a symbol of this interactivity between different communities and artistic styles. Those looking for inspiration should explore the mural delights of Tulum. The Zamas Hotel provides the backdrop and space for these murals in public spaces. The murals follow the route throughout the city and distil the history and change that has occurred. For those looking for bespoke fashion, from unique sunglasses to locally produced jewellery, need to explore the unique and niche fashion boutique Caravana Montaecristo. This indy space provides an experience of the caravana of old with a modern twist of seascapes and Mexican cultural uniqueness.

Tulum is a design and cultural mecca and it can provide individuals with the right creative space to help improve their own artistic thinking and creativity.