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Amazing Photographers: Kofi Paintsil

Introducing to you Byrogue’s new series on amazing photographers and local heroes: In the first of this new series, we interviewed London-based photographer and creative director Kofi Paintsil.


Having exhibited around the world in Paris, Ghana, and Art Basel Miami, Paintsil has a noteworthy client list, including the BBC, Chanel, Channel 4 and Nike. Passionate about visual art, his mediums extend into illustration, fashion direction, set design and filmmaking.

How did you get started in photography? 

I first properly started pursuing photography while studying for my art foundation degree. I had initially wanted to develop in illustration, something I still wish to explore, but the stars aligned and it all made sense, and I began my journey with photography.

What inspires you?

A lot of things inspire me to be honest: music, art, film, sculpture. Many times even a single word can catch my attention and build into a visual concept in my imagination.

How would you describe your style?

Photographically? Inherently classic, with a focus on light and shadow, texture and form, with clear but quiet strength and beauty via the subject. Clothing wise - black on black haha.

What was the last piece of clothing you bought? 

I like to collect different pendants, so I think my silver Africa pendant is the last thing I've added to my collection.

Which have been your top three exhibitions you have seen this year?

Firstly, two excellent ones at the Barbican - The first 'Basquiat -  Boom for Real' was incredibly inspiring, especially for such a short yet highly prolific career.

The second was 'Another Kind of Life: Photography on the Margins', including photographers such as Bruce Davidson and Larry Clark, exploring themes and portraying subcultures, outsiders, queer and those who exist in the margins, and the social attitudes they faced in changing times through photography.

The third isn't an exhibition but a documentary film of the late and great Alexander McQueen, both incredibly honest and sad and highly insightful and inspiring. In fact, my favourite past exhibition to date was the Savage Beauty exhibition at the V&A a few years ago.


Where do you think your industry is going, what does the future hold for Photography?

I think what's always important is for visual artists to have a clear point of view and aesthetic. Much of what inspired me as a budding photographer was work from the past which had a clear identity and level of creativity, which I still look upon today as a reminder of the level I wish to achieve as an visual artist.

Also more so than ever is for artists to create their own platforms and collectives. Seeing and connecting with other creatives is so much more accessible today via social media and is such a great tool to use. I love teamwork with like-minded hardworking creatives so am always looking to form new authentic collaborative bonds, and I'm excited to create and to contribute new amazing projects.

What do you think of London as a base? Do you think that your location has helped to influence and/or inspire your work?

As a born and raised Londoner, London is home and I will always love it. I think London is fantastic as it is one of the main diverse melting pot cities of the World with abundant resources and creative opportunities, including things like exhibitions and events. So much can be done here.

That being said, I have learnt personally how extremely important travel and exploring other parts of the world is. London can be so fast paced with elements of claustrophobia and exclusivity, so I am planning to travel and live/work internationally more next year.

What do you think is your best work so far? Why?

 Hard to pick one as they all have special elements to me, a step of progression, a lesson, and new idea to explore further. 

I'm really proud of the challenge of representing a diverse range of subjects within my vision/visual signature while staying true to each person's character and who they are individually.

What are some of the best and worst parts of being an artist?

The best is doing something you love and the privilege to do so, the ongoing learning and progression as an artist. External achievements and appreciation of your work are really cool too.

The worst while working alone can be staying continually motivated, organized and self-sufficient. Any feelings of self-doubt that can creep in, and having the resources to realise the thing you want to achieve.

What’s been your proudest moment so far?

There has been a few, like when I first exhibited at Art Basel Miami, but a sweet one that springs to mind was winning 'best new blood' at D&AD when I graduated, it was both totally unexpected and rewarding, and it validated all the hard work and commitment I had put into my projects.

What’s next for you? Are there more things you want to try? 

Definitely exploring motion and short film, and building on my illustration projects.

Tell us how you feel about Kanye West recent comments on slavery.


The era of slavery expressed such hatred to black people across the board, whether through the forcible movement of black people to be trapped and enslaved across an ocean, the social attitudes black people faced both before and after 'emancipation', all the way to the actual laws that were/are in place to directly hinder the progression of people of colour, that I don't understand how he could land upon it ever being a choice.

I think all I will focus on instead is how incredibly important it is for PoCs to know and explore their history and from there to build upon that knowledge, and to move forward in an equal united way. PoCs are responsible for so much innovation, development and inspiring others, especially well documented in the arts, so I am keen to see more talented and visionary people of colour rise to top rankings thus becoming even more capable of championing representation and inclusivity within both new and existing organisations.

Where is your favorite place in be world to eat? 

I'm easyyyyy, take me to Busaba for a good meal and calamariii lolll.

Where is the best place to shop? Please give us three tips.

I'm not a great lover of shopping haha, so tend to shop all over for things I like/need.

Three tips? Get what you feel good in, have a good stable of wardrobe basics that work for you and you can add to, try and find pieces things that show off and express your identity, I dress super simple so mine thing is accessories and necklace trinkets things :)

To see more of Kofi's work, follow him on Instagram, Twitter, Facebook and his own website.

Summer Hangouts – Mare Street Market

If you haven’t visit Hackney’s recently opened Mare Street Market, you’re missing out.

Opened in March this year in a former Job Centre, the market houses a whole host of shops from food and drink spots, florists, vinyl stores to lifestyle pop-ups featuring independent fashion and jewellery designers. The market opens from 8am till late on weekdays, and from 9am on weekends.


Set up more like a boutique mall than a street-food market, Mare Street Market is designed to fit the local East London vibe. Stalls in the Open Kitchen are set up in a grid-like fashion on an open plan space. With long rectangular tables filling the centre of the room and plenty of natural light cascading in during the day, it’s no wonder that this place is the chief go-to for many aspiring writers, students and workers. Worked a long day? No worries, there’s a bar by the side of the hall just a few steps away.

In terms of the food, the market does not disappoint. Food writer and TV chef Gizzi Erskine, who is a huge advocate of innovative pop-ups and underground food scenes, took charge of Mare Street Market’s food offering. She runs the market’s main restaurant, The Dining Room, headed up by chef Tim Mawn (from Scott’s and Sexy Fish), which serves stunning wood-fired British food such as steak tartare and indian-inspired scotch eggs.

 Described to be Brunswick House’s cooler East London sister, The Dining Room is furnished with unique chandeliers, pendant lights, stone busts and other bits and bobs from local antique dealers. Find a piece of furniture you like? You can buy it.

Meanwhile, The Open Kitchen serves delicious modern cuisine. If you’re visiting for lunch expect to find jazzed up avocado and smoked salmon toasts. For lunch, the kitchen cooks up beautiful porcini pizzas, Wiltshire burrata salads, rotisserie chicken and wood-fired cauliflower with dandelion, grape, hazelnut and Gorgonzola buttermilk with hot sauces. If you have a sweet tooth, you definitely don’t want to miss their miso caramel banana split and piña colada sundae.

Other food concepts at the market include a raw food bar, a deli showcasing local produce and a coffee roastery called Flying Horse Coffee, named after the Flying Horse Inn founded in 1593 for travellers going through Hackney. According to Gizzi, Hackney really is the perfect place for a permanent market concept like this. "We have so many great ingredients in Hackney," she says, "I don't think people realise how much food is being produced in our area. There's Hackney Honey, Newton and Pott, the best smoked salmon from the Secret Smokehouse then there's great bakeries like Yeast and people like Lilli Vanilla and The Meringue Girls. So there's all this amazing food, but the only time you could ever get the chance to shop it all was on a market on a Saturday." This is something Mare Street Market definitely changes.

A particular stand out section of the market, which is sure to get a lot of use during the summer months, is the big outdoor terrace running along the side of the building. Fancy a mojito or a glass of watermelon juice? Not a problem at all. This summer the market will collaborate with Brooklyn Beer in the terrace, bringing barbeque into the alfresco dining area.

Responses from locals to the new Mare Street Market have been overwhelmingly positive. The market’s opening weekend was relentless, with food flying off the shelves and in need of constant restocks. Some visitors have described its Sunday lunch as the best they’ve ever had: rhubarb crumble puddings had to be eaten in silence to fully appreciate its deliciousness.

So what are your waiting for? Go check out Mare Street Market at 115 Mare Street, London E8 4RT.

Best Independent Boutiques in Amsterdam

From bohemian areas of East London and Hackney, we now bring you to highly creative and innovative Amsterdam. With an equally bohemian spirit, the Dutch capital boasts a dynamic shopping scene. Many unique fashion boutiques exist alongside global brands in areas like Waterlooplein and Nine Streets, catering for every taste.

Here is our list of the top 5 independent boutiques in Amsterdam:

1) X Bank

x bank.png

Located in W Hotel Amsterdam, this hip concept store, which claims to be the ‘epicentre of Dutch design’, is more than a fashion boutique: it is a destination for the artistically minded. Featuring all types of objet d’art ranging from fashion, jewellery to artwork from local Dutch designers and artists, X Bank also hosts an art gallery and workshop space. Up-and-coming Dutch designers that are stocked at X Bank include Roderick Vos, Lola & Lou and Ink Inklusive Denim.

2) OU Boutique Stories


Curated specially by owners Val and Rose Adam, OU (French for where or where did you get that) brings all manner of texture, prints and sparkles into clothing, bags and jewellery. As the OU woman is bright, cheerful and feminine, but not afraid wear statement prints and colours, the boutique adopts tongue-in-cheek approach to make classic fashion too pretty and hard to resist.

Check out their Instagram here: OU Boutique Stories.

3) Hutspot


What makes Hutspot unique in the Amsterdam boutique scene is its lifestyle offering for young sustainable creatives. Brands sold at this boutique emphasise the use of sustainable materials and practices to ensure dignified treatment of the workers that produce their garments. After a long day of shopping and browsing, Hutspot also offers you the opportunity to kick back and relax and have a cup of coffee. Who wouldn’t like that?

4) T.I.T.S


Based in West Amsterdam, T.I.T.S stands for ‘This is the s***!’ and its name definitely lives up to the shopping experience. In here, you’ll be able to find funky and unique fashion pieces ranging Brixton Hats to stylish knuckledusters at affordable prices. Brands carried include indie label Mannish and Frisur and well-known Stussy and Lazy Oaf. Also, in mandatory Amsterdam fashion, coffee is served at the back of the store if you ever need a caffeine pick-me-up.

5) Cottoncake


A posterchild of Tumblr’s sleek, minimalistic and white interiors, Cottoncake feels very open and spacious despite being shaped like a pijpela (a long and narrow pipe drawer). Run by owners Tessa and Jorinde, the store only stocks items that they really love and pick up during their travels. Labels you could expect to see are Storm & Marie, Samoe & Samoe, and jewellery brands Mimi et Toi and Monocraft. Things are constantly changing however, as the owners bring in new upcoming designers, so don’t forget to pop in and check it out!

Create Your Own Signature Style

As each fashion season comes to play, it’s easy to be swayed into the ‘new trends’ bandwagon, when those frivolous and stylish new collections are let loose. And if you have those extra coins to spare, we understand completely, we all need a little retail therapy every so often!

However, if you find yourself buying designs that you never wore in the past and still can’t wear today, it basically means one thing. You are yet to find that signature style of yours.

For many women, a signature style came accidently, formed out of their unique and personal tastes. For others, it evolved over the years, through trial, error and many years of abandoned items piling up in the closet. One thing that surely comes with a signature style is its ability to define your personality, character, face and body shape.

Classic Style or Trend Chaser?

Whether you are a classic kind of chic with the ‘Jackie O’ factor, that is after trendier wardrobe - regardless, you can diversify your look and still feel comfortable.

Style is about confidence, comfort and efficiency. To put it simply, that favourite pair of sunglasses you bought 5 years ago, always makes you feel like comfortable right?

Sometimes you even forget you still have it on, way past the sunset hours, your feet will be up on your living room sofa with your glasses still glued on your head.

Likewise, the next new pair of sunglasses, can be trendier, sassier, with the classic look and still comfortably wrap its arms around your face, just like the last one did.

This winter white Bower sunglasses by Byrogue perfectly fills that gap between classic and trendy.

Benefits of Having a Signature Style

The benefits of having a signature style is that you will forever feel comfortably you in any item of clothing you through on last minute!  You will save time planning tomorrow’s outfit as you will be well versed in what suits you beautifully. More importantly, you will be recognised for your style and uniqueness and create a branded image for yourself. No more turning up at the house party wearing the same latest Topshop dress as six other mates.

If signature is what you are after, don’t sweat because you can create your own signature style with ease. Simply identify a colour you’re drawn to, which compliments your skin tone

and face shape. Then begin adding some quality pieces that are versatile, comfortable and wearable.

Some Signature Styles We Love

Want a little inspiration for your own personal creations? Then check out our two favourite style and talent icons.

You can’t not love anything about  Jorja Smith, our favourite addition to the UK stream of upcoming vocalists. Her style encompasses an eclectic blend of 1960s classic with 90s urban wear, which really compliments her vocal style and production.  How does she do it? As always, its confidence that carries it off so well.


Follow Jorja here



Known for her experimental street style and bondage inspired, stage costumes. Sports lux at its best this cute wide eyed, talented and courageous chic FKA TWIGS.

Byrogue Designs Playlist 20/04/17 for your ears with love....

The right sunnies top off any look, tipping it to the next level of polished cool.  Praise be to the artists who are wearing them well and inspiring us today


The Californian -Sixties -Jazz queen style has her wearing big, beyond glamour frames, statement in size and colours, bold baby pastels and light tinted lenses to showcase those huge eyes and long lashes.


For this look go for Bolo in ballet pink  as well as PUSSPUSS Yella Leather


Ten steps ahead dark, sleek, allblackeverything are a few ways to describe Zebra Katz’ style. The New York artist and underground icon wears black often and well.

For this look go for the androgynous Byrogue BUTLER in Black and Gold.

zebra style

zebra style

3. Amber Rose

Hip – Hop honey Amber Rose wears pink well. Large fun frames, multi coloured, bold shapes suit her incredible complextion and features.  A sunglasses fan with her own collection we love the brave statements she makes with every outfit, showing inspiring confidence.

To step out Amber style be bold and try PUSSPUSS in Pink

PUSSPUSS in Ballet Pink Byrogue

PUSSPUSS in Ballet Pink Byrogue

Amber for President

Amber for President

Top 10 Summer Favourites

With summer well underway, we have put together a list of our top 10 must-haves for this summer season.

1) Everyone needs a basic white tee. A lot of us probably have more than one, and often try to justify to ourselves that they are different (when they actually aren’t). Spice up a basic white tee and know that it is actually different with this one from Darling and Gold.

Second Female White Tee, £60 at    Darling and Gold

Second Female White Tee, £60 at Darling and Gold

2) Everyone needs a gorgeous swimsuit during the summer, and this piece from Alexandra Miro clearly meets that criterion. With sleek, clean lines and a sweet baby pink, this swimsuit is both modern and timeless. Pair it with dramatic palazzo trousers or a full skirt for the ultimate holiday vibe.

Grace Swimsuit by Alexandra Miro, £190 at    Harvey Nichols

Grace Swimsuit by Alexandra Miro, £190 at Harvey Nichols

3) It may be summer, but it still does get chilly in the nighttime. Stay warm and funky in this varsity jacket by Denisse Montaré. Although a jacket may not be the most summery item, its bright blues, greens and reds lighten it up and bring life and energy back into the look.

Love 1995 Varsity Jacket, £105 at   Concept Store Y

Love 1995 Varsity Jacket, £105 at Concept Store Y

4) The summer season will be full of plans and activities. Keep track of the time with this versatile watch from Flint Watches – refined enough to accompany you to formal events, and summery enough to be worn for casual day-to-day. This is also an incredibly high quality piece incorporating marble bezel from the Aravalli Mountains, goat leather and Swiss movement.

Aravalli Marble Sandstone Watch, £180 at    Concept Store Y

Aravalli Marble Sandstone Watch, £180 at Concept Store Y

5) What better way to spice up an outfit with a pair of statement earrings? Try this dangly art décor piece with wavy lines and bright colours, plated in 24 carat gold. These earrings would go well on holiday, or even if you’re just going for a nice dinner with friends and family. Designed exclusively by Milk Tooth in collaboration with artist Maria-Ines Gul.

Milk Tooth Cloud Earrings, £52 at    Concept Store Y

Milk Tooth Cloud Earrings, £52 at Concept Store Y

6) Get summer festival ready with this chic bumbag from Miu Miu. The perfect size to carry all your festival essentials, you’ll definitely be ready to party all day and night. This bumbag also comes in blue, green and pink, if red isn’t your thing.

Matelassé Leather Belt Bag, £1,080 at    Miu Miu

Matelassé Leather Belt Bag, £1,080 at Miu Miu

7) Throw a modern twist onto a classic shoe with this pair of Converse trainers. Part of Converse x MadeMe’s collection, this pair One Star Converses mixes MadeMe’s cool girl style with the laidback street vibe Converse is known for. Featuring an olive green suede upper and platform sole, these trainers are definitely a pair to get your hands on.

Converse x MadeMe One Star Platform (Green), £90 at    Dover Street Market

Converse x MadeMe One Star Platform (Green), £90 at Dover Street Market

8) Add some glimmer and shine to your summer outfits with these rings from Fotini Psarouli. A masterful jewellery maker, Psarouli experiments with metals and creates elegant jewellery by hand. Made out of 14 carat gold, these high quality hand candies will be a long-lasting staple in your wardrobe.

Fotini Psarouli Rings starting from £325, at    Kabiri

Fotini Psarouli Rings starting from £325, at Kabiri

9) Nike has long stayed ahead ot the trainer game by constantly reinventing itself. Get a pair of trainers unique to yourself by personalising your own artwork on these Nike Force shoes. Paired with a cute sundress for the summer season, you’re sure to stand out from the crowd.

Art Nike Force, £200 at    Marr LDN

Art Nike Force, £200 at Marr LDN

10) What would any summer favourites list be without any cute swimwear? Turn heads this season with this glitter bikini set from Danish brand Becksondergaard. Whether worn at the pool, beach or at the skate park (worn with roller skates of course), this bikini set will keep you looking cute and fresh all summer.

Get the Becksondergaard Orchid Bloom Bikini Top, £36,    here    and Bottom, £36,    here   , at AIDA

Get the Becksondergaard Orchid Bloom Bikini Top, £36, here and Bottom, £36, here, at AIDA

Best places for Indie Designers and Artists to live post Brexit PT.1



The post-Brexit environment has created a negative subtext for UK and European indie designers, musicians and artists wanting to live and work in an open and free country. The Brexit vote, with its nativist wickedness, has helped people living in the UK contemplate a life in more open pastures – Europe and other global cities and continents. This article will explore the ‘capital of Europe’, the great city of Berlin.

A Berlin Senator has even called for British creative individuals to come to the city of design and culture. One senator noted, “Britain’s vote to leave the European Union will severely affect your business.” (great call leavers, smart moves.).  However, the senator also articulated a more nuanced reason and that is openness and self-enlightenment from a capital of diversity, of inspiration and or generosity. The red carpet is out. For those brave intrepid artists and designers wanting a new, open and more tolerant space to create, Berlin could be the best choice?

Where to live

The Kreuzberg district in Berlin is the most artistic, democratic and open-minded area of the capital. The mix of academia, artistic and cultural types create a collaborative community of like-minded individuals who together create the right vibes that have turned Kreuzberg into the artistic quarter of Berlin. The property prices are reasonable, in a European context. Furnished studio apartments are available from 750 euros whilst one bed apartments start from the 900 euro level.

Where to eat

For those looking to feed their cravings for artistic and culinary delights can do no worse than head to the East Side Gallery. The restaurant and café is part of a wider installation art experience. The food is cheap, the coffee is good, the company is great and the art is always on display. Get sustenance and inspiration from as little as ten euros.

For vegan or veggie try the wonderful Ryong beautifully creative dishes such as dragon egg where avocado, lemon grass, and soy-“meat” is rolled in a spinach-tempura coat can be found at Torstrasse 59, Mitte, everyday from 12:00.


Where to exhibit

Up and coming designers and artists looking for innovative space with curated and non-curated space available should contact the Isabella Bortolozzi Galerie in Berlin. This innovative and contemporary art space can help either by providing space or using their network of indie galleries to help find the right space for your specific needs.  Berlin Fashion Week is making an international impact just as Berlin fast makes its name as cultural + liberal cool capital.  Innovators and fashion design upsetters are looking to be part of this creative utopia.

Voo Kruezburg is one of my all-time favourite boutiques, stocking a number of jewellery, sunglasses and  accessories heros including Acne Studios and Mykita as well as Sun buddies.  Housed in a former locksmith shop in acourt-yard off of Oranienstrasse, you will find this industrial, warehouse style boutique stocking the best of indie and mainstream designers.

Where to get inspiration

Berlin has a network of creative centres and professional networking. The capital is known for its openness and diversity and this has allowed innovation and creativity in design and art to flourish. The design of buildings, the creative centres with niche experiences surrounding engineering to science along with fashion to video game development, all provide the right context for inspiration. This is further enhanced by the Berlin authorities providing free events and more for those looking for inspiration.

Byrogue’s Berlin based designers to look out for include SADAK – think, sheer tunics with tattoo badge, over-sized camo t-shirts, Mayan and Hawaiian prints and silky burkas- would look most at home on  FKA TWIGSZebra Katz or GAIKA.

Indyanna is Voo owners Femmipunk womens wear label is brash and loud also check out DSTM hot BDSM inspired silk and satin dresses, floor length black robes, tassels, sheer wide leg trousers and bodysuits perfect for your “Welcome to Berlin, you are now free” sex party.

I have highlighted how Berlin is cost-effective, provides the right community ethos for designers and artists looking for inspiration and space to create. The availability of experimental restaurants, coffee shops, art events, museums and galleries – from indie to commercial – helps to make Berlin faultless.  The people, the compassionate expressive and open attitude is what will make it the creative hearts home. If you are considering relocating, Berlin could be your perfect European city.  Don’t come if you’re a bigot. Thanks


The Byrogue studio is a glow with the dulcet tones of the Grammy award winning KING!  Get to know these beautiful vocalists. Join us and marvel at their talent….to us they sound like springThe Byrogue studio is a glow with the dulcet tones of the Grammy award winning KING!  Get to know these beautiful vocalists. Join us and marvel at their talent….to us they sound like spring

Follow KING  here

Follow KING here

PUSS PUSS on FINANCIAL TIMES how to spend it

  The beautiful stylish and glamourous PUSSPUSS in cool mustard yellow have made an appearance today on the Financial...

Best places for Indie Designers and Artists to live post Brexit PT.2



The Brexit bullshit still giving and depressing many of Britain’s diverse art, fashion and design communities. The open, tolerant and diverse attitudes coming in sharp contrast to the nativism and xenophobia of the result. This has forced many to consider relocating for the sake of their own individuality and their artistic creativity. Pack your sunglasses, its time to explore the cultural beauty, aesthetic delight and spiritual inspiration that comes from Tulum, Mexico. 

Mexico is slowly starting to move away from heavy industry-based inward investment and migration in favour of a more creative solution to its own economic needs. The Mexican Government has provided accessible work visas for British and EU citizens looking to relocate. The new VISA will help creative individuals relocate as freelancers and small business owners to Mexico.

Tulum is my dream location, friendly, colourful, huge amounts character, soft sand, clear blue sea, beautiful landscape with plenty of natural wonders to enjoy.  Tulum is diverse and authentic, a world away from the Miami tinged Cancun, it attracts a certain type of creative traveller.  The textiles, colours and embroidery are as inspiring as the tequila.

Where to live?

For those looking for uniqueness and open space, Tulum provides both. The artistic populace, especially those not from moneyed backgrounds, tend live around the Zama district in Tulum. The properties are priced accordingly. US Dollar are accepted by private landlords over the Peso. In US dollar terms, you can rent a studio with pool access for USD$ 550 a month and a full one bedroom beachside hut for USD$ 1,200. There are diverse types of properties to suit individual needs.  We noticed loads of new build apartments to buy, seaside 1 beds for $100, 000 upwards.


Where to eat?

Despite being warned not to, we indulged in plenty of street food, from a couple of cooks with a trolley on the corners serving 3 tacos for 10 pesos to cool food huts on the beach dishing up ceviche  they  caught that morning, all beyond fresh and like nothing I had tasted before.  Those looking for the best tacos fast head to Taqueria el Carboncito, for seafood El Capitan. This isn’t about designer  Michelin-starred food, but about authenticity which tastes much better.

The Papaya Playa Project an incredible beach club and hotel committed to sustainability and are well on the way to achieving their mission of becoming a zero emissions and zero contamination community by 2018.  The food and cold press drinks are as equally committed to clean, served with dramatic sea views, a flash tropical storm over lunch all set in a responsibly constructed resort using 93% of the original jungle,  the experience was unforgettable.


Where to exhibit?

Any artist or designer looking for unique, curated or non-curated space, that can provide the contrasting urban setting with quintessential artistic minimalism should explore the Residencia Gorila a space providing unique creative solutions. The space can be for solo or commercial events and the team can help individuals through the installation and post-installation stages.

Where’s the fashion and style inspiration?

Everywhere.  Art, design and history all interweave throughout Tulum. The mural artistry of the communities in Tulum are a symbol of this interactivity between different communities and artistic styles. Those looking for inspiration should explore the mural delights of Tulum. The Zamas Hotel provides the backdrop and space for these murals in public spaces. The murals follow the route throughout the city and distil the history and change that has occurred. For those looking for bespoke fashion, from unique sunglasses to locally produced jewellery, need to explore the unique and niche fashion boutique Caravana Montaecristo. This indy space provides an experience of the caravana of old with a modern twist of seascapes and Mexican cultural uniqueness.

Tulum is a design and cultural mecca and it can provide individuals with the right creative space to help improve their own artistic thinking and creativity.

A stylish summer shopping list just for you.  Welcome.

Make sure, even in your smalls, you are still the most eye catching girl on the beach with bright, adventurous sunglasses that frame your face well, give the best in UV protection and compliment every poolside look.




Perfect for beach to bar transitioning, covering up the bits that make you feel most self -conscious and protecting your skin from the sun. Black is a little safe but great for when the sun goes down and the music turns up. Mes Demoiselles have it down with this beautiful white, tassel kaftan with gentle colour detail and soft charcoal trim, ideal summer attire for long beach days.



Mes Demoiselles Kaftan


A secret weapon in ultimate beach style topping, a definite if you are dedicated to conjuring up effortless but bold looks during your summer break.  We love a panama or a fedora hat.  Go one step further with bold prints and coloured hats to match your swimwear.   Also perfect for hiding those sand incrusted, wave beaten locks.


Maison Michael Fedora

Hydrate, cleanse, exfoliate, moisturise, moisturise, moisturise & PROTECT.

The most attractive and confidence boosting asset any beach body has is beautiful well nourished skin, hydrate by drinking lots of water on those hot beach days, serve your skin from the inside.  Cleanse gently and regularly, our fave part of beach life is using the natural textures of the sand to gently exfoliate, especially the feet and legs before a dip in the sea, moisturise liberally and generously and of course always remember your sunscreen.



For all that shit you carry around, hide it in style.  Less is more on summer holiday. Sensi Studio have a summer Tote for every beach party.


Sensi Studio Totes

Go for something you know no one else will be wearing – go bold and individual, this takes some shopping around but worth it to be unique- we love this denim look bikini by Lisa Marie Fernandez. 




Lisa Marie Fernandez

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